The 5 Most Common Types of Property Damage from Hurricanes

During hurricane season, property owners along and near the coast know the potential devastation a single hurricane can bring to their city and home. It is during these times property owners look to their insurance providers for the support and assistance to bounce back and make the necessary repairs on their damaged property. However, insurance companies do not always have your best interest in mind and instead of making things easier on you, can add more stress during an already difficult period.

Hurricanes are powerful natural forces with the ability to wreak havoc wherever their path leads and any category has the capabilities to cause significant damage to one’s home or surrounding property. There are several commonly found damages you are more than likely to come across in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Most Common Types of Property Damage

The top five property damages most likely to occur after a destructive hurricane are:

    • Roof damage
    • Structural and Foundation damage
    • Utility damage
    • Interior damage
    • Equipment damage

Roof Damage

The most visible damage that will typically be seen in the aftermath of a hurricane is damage to the roof, which would also include damage to the shingles, sheathing, and framing of a property. In the event of a Category 4 hurricane, the speed of the winds produced can tear or lift even the strongest roofs off homes and buildings. Whether you receive the adequate funds from your insurance company for your damaged roof will depend on several factors such as age/quality of construction of the roof and whether it had been damaged before. If it was relatively new, most policies should pay to repair it back to its initial condition or even grant a full replacement.

Structural and Foundation Damage

The foundation of a property is crucial to safe living. Hurricanes often cause significant damage to homes’ structures by shifting and leaving detrimental cracks in them, possibly leaving the property uninhabitable.

Utility Damage

The powerful winds from a hurricane can also disrupt electrical, telecommunications, and water utilities. Telephone lines, powerlines, internet, and water-systems could all be affected leaving many home and business owners with no choice but to file an insurance claim.

Interior Damage

The interior of properties can also be damaged by hurricanes. During fierce storms, it is not uncommon for roofs, windows, or doors to be broken and torn off, allowing for heavy rains and flying debris to enter the building. This can cause extensive damage to walls, floors, and furnishings inside one’s home. It is also quite common for an insured’s property to have received water damage to the interior of the home. In some cases, there is widespread water damage to every room in the house. Another concern is the possibility of mold growth which there is a high probability for, however; most policies have limitations for this type of property damage.

Equipment Damage

Property owners may experience equipment damage and failure. This can include damage to your heating and air-conditioning systems, appliances, transformers, generators, hot-water boilers, and pool equipment.

What Do You Do if Your Property Has Been Damaged?

There are several steps to take that will allow you to receive everything owed to you under your insurance policy. First, it is important to remedy the damages you find once you return to your property (turn off the water supply if the pipes have burst, board up broken windows, etc.). Do not let the damages continue to escalate. In addition, you should have the necessary paperwork and relevant financial figures ready for the insurance adjuster. Lastly, know your policy and understand the coverage you paid for in your policy.

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We understand the process of reporting property damage claims can be overwhelming for many homeowners as insurance policies are not exactly easy to understand and navigate through. It is the insurers duty to honor legitimate claims, but more often than not, that does not happen. You should consider taking legal action if your insurer is failing to settle your claim or is exhibiting bad faith tactics toward you. An attorney here at Potts Law Firm will help fight these insurance companies and will prove the cost of your damages to help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.


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